Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

Our Province ... Better!

Our Province ... Better!

Our Province ... Better!

Our Province ... Better!

Our Province ... Better!

Progressive Conservative Remember

Today is a day to take pause and remember all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. Remembrance Day is a day that we honour those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Today take a moment to remember those...


The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan would like to congratulate Manitoba's newest Premier Wab Kinew on yesterdays win of the 2023 Manitoba provincial election. We wish you the best.   Rose Buscholl Interim Leader Progressive...

Candidate Messages

Our two candidates were given the opportunity to record a message to their constituencies. for Walsh acres please go to and for Coronation Park please click we would like to thank Access for...

Where are the Sask Party and the NDP

Canada Day is fast approaching, and while people in Saskatchewan and Canada should be celebrating the birth of this great nation, many people will be wondering how they are going to feed their families, pay for monthly utilities and fuel to get go...

The Sask Party Gets a Failing Grade in Education

The Sask Party seems to be out of touch when it comes to education and what is actually needed in Saskatchewan classrooms. They have obviously failed to do their homework on an important subject. Over the past decade the amount of funding from the...

What the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan stands for:

  • A Heritage of freedom based on individual initiative, honour, integrity and moral responsibility.
  • Equal Rights under the law for all without discrimination.
  • Government as the servant, not the master.
  • Social progress based on the needs of people, not as a means to power.