Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Leader's Welcome

I am honoured to have been elected to the only true progressive conservative party in Saskatchewan and I look forward to building a team that will make an impact in the next provincial election.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is committed to speaking on behalf of the residents of Saskatchewan especially on key areas such as; providing a fiscally conservative alternative voice in the Legislature focused on stopping accumulation of debt, restoring funding to key core services and reducing spending on future expensive mega projects such as the Regina Bypass and Global Transportation Hub, and the issue of carbon tax.

As our highly esteemed previous Leader Rick Swenson has discussed in the past, the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan has established principles that are the base for our political philosophy. These principles are on the back of every PC membership. They include:

  • A heritage of freedom based on individual initiative, honour, integrity and individual moral responsibility in accordance with the law;
  • Equal rights under the law for ALL without discrimination;
  • Government as the servant not the master; and
  • Social progress based on the needs of people, not as a means to power.

Rick has laid the foundation for over a decade with our Party and I am going to carry on that legacy. Going forward, I am going to continue the work he has implemented and invite all Saskatchewan residents to join me in helping our province flourish and grow.

On behalf of myself and the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, we look forward to your comments and your support.

Ken Grey

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