New Interim Leader - Rose Buscholl

Regina, SK - The P.C. Party of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce that Rose Buscholl has been appointed as the new Interim Leader of the Party. Rose has been active in politics for many years and ran for the P.C. Party in both the 2020 and 2016 provincial elections.

Rose’s experience and passion for Saskatchewan will no doubt serve her well as she shepherds the party through the search for a permanent leader and takes on the difficult tasks of implementing our 8-point plan for renewal, building constituency organizations, engaging with party members, guiding policy development and organizing party meetings. The board would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank David Prokopchuk and Linda Sopp for their dedication to the party and their willingness to put their names forward for the interim leader position. They were both excellent candidates and we look forward to their continued participation and leadership in the party. 

Welcome aboard Rose on behalf of the P.C. Party Executive Committee. 

Interim Leader Position Application Deadline

The deadline for applying for the interim Leader position will close on Sunday, November 6th, 2022.

Click here to download pdfApplication for Interim Leader

Welcome Craig Johnston

The P.C. Party of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Craig Johnston as Party Manager/Executive Director as part of the 8 point modernization plan announced mid-August 2022.

Mr. Johnston will manage the provincial office, conduct research for the Party as well as work closely with the Party Executive, Leader, President and Constituency Associations to recruit new members, restructure new riding associations and conduct outreach to voters, businesses and community organizations.

Born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, Craig has been active in politics since the age of 14. He brings extensive private and public sector experience from both here in Saskatchewan and abroad - experience that will help the party reconnect with members, outreach to voters and modernize the party’s operations.

Welcome aboard Craig on behalf of the P.C. Party Executive Committee.


#1.  The first interview for Interim Leader occurred last Monday with Rose Buscholl.  There will be an interview this coming Monday with Mr. David Prokopchuk of Saskatoon.  Anyone wishing to apply can download the application form from the Party website and submit it.  The Party will be announcing the selection of the new Interim Leader after the November 16th Executive meeting. 

#2.  The Party Executive have selected a new Party Manager/Executive Director whose name will be released shortly once his current employer has been properly notified. 

#3.  Mr. Rick Cline from the Turtleford area who sat on the Executive as a Member at Large has announced his resignation.  We would to thank Rick for his contributions to the PC Party over the years and wish him well in his future endeavours.  The Executive Committee will be looking to add new members at large to the executive in the coming weeks. 

#4.  The Party will be changing its conferencing phone and computer systems to Zoom so that we can entertain membership meetings with a capacity of up to 120 individuals.  It will take a little time to get the system up and running to get the technical glitches out but the Executive is looking forward to the opportunity to be able to reach out to members across the province on a regular fashion.  The same issues that exist with the Party's membership lists concerning emails and phone numbers will need to be rectified so that members can be contacted on a regular basis.

Final note - the phone number that was on the Party's website was a cell number that is no longer in service and we will be using the main office number of 565-5580.

Welcome Adrian Janssens

The P.C. Party of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Adrian Janssens to the Party Executive as Interim Secretary. 

Ms Yvonne Choquette who was elected as Secretary at the last Party AGM has resigned her position as of September 24, 2022.  We thank Yvonne for her years of service on the Executive Committee and wish her well in the future.

Adrian was a candidate for the P.C. Party in the Rosetown constituency in the 2020 provincial election and currently resides in Milden, Saskatchewan.  Adrian's resume shows a host of life experiences that will be a real asset to our Party as we move forward with our 8 point renewal plan. 

Adrian is committed to reconnecting with Party members, developing policy and making a difference to Saskatchewan's political landscape. 

Welcome aboard Adrian on behalf of the P.C. Party Executive Committee.

Application for Interim Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan

Click here to download pdfApplication for Interim Leader

Monday Morning Summary

Executive Committee Meeting - Sept 24/2022

  • Format for choosing Interim Party Leader approved. Applications available on the Party's website. One confirmed applicant already - Rose Buscholl (past candidate Humboldt-Watrous constituency). 
  • Next Annual General Meeting to be held in Saskatoon in the March 20th to April 7th, 2023 timeframe. Lori Isinger to Chair Convening Committee.
  • Paul Carroll (past candidate Estevan) to Chair Constitutional Update Committee.
  • Presentation by Rose Buscholl and Lori Isinger from the Accountability Group. Topics discussed were formation of Ethics Committee, Constitutional Committee, Membership issues of former members, Interim Leader selection, expansion of Executive Committee and AGM site and date.
  • Reform of membership application process, updating of membership email lists and new communication tools.
  • Interview process is underway for a new Party Manager-Executive Director and will conclude by the end of September.

A Message to PC Party members and Prospective Members

The PC Party of Sask has embarked on an aggressive going forward agenda for the fall. Since the resignation of Mr. Victor Teece as President at the end of July, the Party has adopted an 8 point plan which will culminate in a Leadership vote in 2023. An interim President has been selected in the person of long-time party activist Rick Swenson who will preside until  the Party elects a new Executive at its next AGM . The date and location for the AGM will be set in the next few weeks. The 8 point plan includes the hiring of a full time party manager- exec director. The hiring ad closes on the 15th of Sept so anyone interested or someone you know who  might be a good fit please get a resume into Party at www. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Rick at 306-631-5461. The Party will also selecting a Interim Leader in the near term to see the Party through to the selection of an elected leader in 2023.

                A very important part of this going forward agenda will be the modernization of the Party constitution at the next AGM. The constitution the Party currently operates under stipulates that a draft of a new one must be in the hands of members 45 days in advance of the meeting. It is therefore very important that the Party's email lists of members and prospective members be updated. If you are a current member or a lapsed member who are planning to renew for the AGM, please send us your most current email address as we wish to begin weekly contact with our membership as we move through this aggressive 8 point agenda.  Thank you. 

Your PC Party Executive

Congratulations Pierre Poilevre

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan congratulates Pierre Poilevre on his resounding victory in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race. The PC Party of Sask looks forward to seeing  innovative solutions to Saskatchewan's and Canada's challenges in a ever-changing world. We would also like to thank Jean Charest,  Leslyn Lewis, Scott Atchison and Roman Baber for bringing forward the issues and desires of thousands of Canadians to this leadership race. Hopefully those good ideas can be melded with Mr. Poilievre's to bring about a Conservative government in our great country.

PC Party Mourns The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The PC Party of Saskatchewan offers its condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen always held a special place for her Canadian members of the Commonwealth and we in Saskatchewan have had a special place for her in our hearts and minds.

God bless the Queen.

What the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan stands for:

  • A Heritage of freedom based on individual initiative, honour, integrity and moral responsibility.
  • Equal Rights under the law for all without discrimination.
  • Government as the servant, not the master.
  • Social progress based on the needs of people, not as a means to power.