Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Legacy of Rick Swenson, past Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan

Rick Swenson, former Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, stepped down when the new Leader Ken Grey, was elected at the Leadership Convention in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on November 3, 2018.

“It’s time for a renewal for the PC Party of Saskatchewan,” said Rick Swenson. “After serving the Party for the last 12 years, I believe the Party is in a position to take on the challenges that Saskatchewan is facing in addition to having a new Leader of the Party to deliver new perspectives.”

Swenson’s career in politics began in 1985 as an elected member of the Saskatchewan Legislature in a by-election in Thunder Creek, SK. The PC Party returned to power in the 1986 general election where Swenson was re-elected.

In 1989, Swenson was appointed Minister of Energy and Mines, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) and Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Research Council.

In 1991, Swenson was re-elected in the general elections and served as the Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and became the Minister of Indian and Métis Affairs.

From 1993-94, Swenson served as the Acting Leader of the Opposition, then took a break from the political arena and did not seek a fourth term in the election the following year.

Swenson returned to provincial politics in 2006 when he returned as Leader of the Progressive Party and became the driving force behind rebuilding the party.

“We are in the brightest opportunity possible,” adds Swenson. “The Party is in a position where a longer-term vision is possible beyond the four-year election cycle and to run a full slate of candidates in the next election.”

Swenson is honoured to have served the residents of Saskatchewan and looks forward to being part of politics in other ways.