Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Ken Grey's Commentary

It was sad to drive by the potash mine near my hometown of Colonsay sitting idle. The parking lot used to be full and 350 employees worked here. However, due to Saskatchewan having the worlds highest potash royalties and the recent elimination of the potash production tax credit, combined with a soft market these employees will likely not see the mine reopen anytime soon.

Corruption takes many nuances. The GTH boondoggle gets more and more costly as we the taxpayers are now subsidizing the space of a company owned by minister Tells son. Wasn't her family a beneficiary in the bypass fiasco as well?! This SP (Sask Party) government needs a wake up call.

As the NDP and SaskParty take polictical shots at each other the Progressive Conservatives are talking about establishing power cogeneration projects , nuclear expansion, and opening new markets for Saskatchewan business
We are making plans to make life more affordable for Saskatchewan families and developing policy to address education issues in rural and urban Saskatchewan. We need Progressive Conservatives in the legislature to keep these tired old line parties honest

Opposition house leader Dan D’Autremont said five years of lies and cover-up had finally caught up to the government by Karen Briere
Western Producer
Published: February 27, 2003

Interesting how times change. Spudco was an ill conceived NDP venture that ultimately cost the province around $30 million dollars. In this article Lorne Calvert, the NDP Premier at the time admitted to many of the mistakes.

Fast forward to today and we have the GTH. The costs of this vanity project continue to cost Saskatchewan taxpayers. The SaskParty liberal team in the Saskatchewan legislature has blocked all attempts at disclosure on this project. The costs to Saskatchewan taxpayers are almost triple that of Spudco which begs the question. When will the years of scandal, mismanagement and debt catch up to the Liberal Saskparty government?

I was disappointed to hear the Federal NDP has in its platform taken direct aim at the rest of Canada. The NDP in a bid to regain its support in Quebec has effectively offered Quebec a veto on all matters environmental.

This proves this is a political matter that needs to be resolved politically. As a government we need to really address the importance of making Canada energy self sufficient. Until we are energy self sufficient, regardless of the energy source, our country will continue to be vulnerable to external forces,

The same applies to us locally in Saskatchewan. As we continue to see most families struggle with the high cost of living in our province the province is missing a great opportunity to open the markets for renewable energy here at home.. We also need to improve the infrastructure in our province to carry people and resources to our own local markets. Yes the Trudeau/Moe governments are missing the mark on expanding the economic base in our province. Whether its power co-generation, nuclear options or renewable, our province is languishing. We need to once again open our province for business for the good of everyone.

Two things bother me about this article. First the fixed election date legislation is not really that. I'm certain we will be in an election sooner than the fall but we just don't really know. This legislation is flexible enough that the government can call it anytime from April to October. That's not exactly a fixed date.

Why are these former Saskparty MLAs getting severance? This has nothing to do with the candidates but has everything to do with a government greasing the wheel for its friends. This tired old government needs to be held accountable and the NDP opposition is unable to do that. Time to elect some PC MLA's to challenge the MOE government's free style spending!

CBC News article - Sept 13, 2019

As I've spoken to Saskatchewan residents I've heard a few, mostly Saskparty members, claim the true conservative alternative will split the vote of the blue liberal Saskparty and cause the NDP to win.

While there is some understanding to why the Saskatchewan Party may be scared of added competition, vote splitting is obviously not high on its radar. The most obvious point is our Party is not a liberal Party so the concept that somehow we would split the vote of a liberal party is laughable. Lets also not forget this government has been in power for 12 years and it has not once raised the issue of electoral reform to counter this scourge of vote splitting.

The last point Id like to make is vote splitting is always identified after an election as a means for the losing party to deflect blame. Its of great importance to political nerds like myself but the vast majority of voters vote according to the platform impact on their families. That's how democracy is meant to work. The Saskparty shaming its members to stay true is an odd way to treat supporters.

The reality is the NDP isn't even a factor in over half the seats in Saskatchewan. Clearly though this government has become so arrogant that it feels it can take its owns supporters for granted. Had there been a fiscally conservative opposition in the legislature scams like the GTH/bypass fiasco could have been dealt with more effectively. In short this government needs a reality check and the only way to do it is to elect PC MLAs.