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Ken Grey's Commentary

First off I would like to offer my personal condolences and that of the PC Party of Saskatchewan to the family of Senator John McCain.  Mr. McCain served the people of Arizona and the United States of America for multiple terms in the United States Senate.  While serving as a naval pilot during the Vietnam War, he was shot down and was a prisoner of war for over 5 years.  I'm sure as Senator McCain endured those terrible conditions, torture and starvation he made a vow that if he got safely back to his family and his country, he would do everything in his power to make better the lives of his fellow citizens and our world.

I think he did that in a way that not only was patriotic but with a will to serve everyone in society no matter what their station in life was.  It's too bad that other politicians do not follow the example set by Senator McCain and his service to others.  He was a great citizen of our world and I will join with many millions in honouring that service. 

Speaking of politicians doing the right thing....I do not understand the attempts by the Sask Party government to try and force municipal governments in Saskatchewan to choose a different election date.  Municipal elections are set for the fall of 2020.  The last provincial election was held in April of 2016.  Four years from then is April of 2020.  The Sask Party made a commitment to the people of this province that we would have elections every four years.    

We have an unelected Premier in Mr. Moe.  To me it is only logical and right that we would have an April election in 2020 so that the voters of this province can pass judgement on the platform Mr. Moe brought forward during the Sask Party leadership race, to balance the budget in three years and rectify some of the wrongs committed by his predecessor Mr. Wall.    

Really are not elections in our democratic system about the spending of our tax dollars and how we distribute them throughout our society?  Is this not how we should be judged when we seek political office?  I think it would be very appropriate for Mr. Moe's Sask Party government to bring forward a budget in March of 2020, have the other political parties bring forward their visions of how Saskatchewan will manage its finances from then until 2024 and have the voters pass judgement on those visions.  Saskatchewan is going to have a huge deficit which will be the burden for all of us to pay.  The vision of how we are going to do that needs to begin, I think, in April of 2020. 

Mr. Moe will have had ample time to implement his vision and reforms of our government and should face the people in order to get an electoral mandate or pass the responsibility to someone else with a different vision.  To suggest anything else to me is simply the Sask Party and Mr. Moe playing political games to satisfy their own interests ahead of the interests of the taxpayers of Saskatchewan.  To subject hundreds of municipal governments to a drastic change in their governance models where many of their elected officials do so as a responsibility to their community rather than full time jobs like MLAs is truly a slap in the face to those hundreds of municipal politicians.

If Mr. Moe and his colleagues continue to push this agenda, it is all about their personal and political well-being at the expense of the taxpayers of this province and the downgrading of our democratic principles.  I had the opportunity last week while campaigning in the Regina Northeast by-election to discuss this very topic with a number of electors.  I could find no one sympathetic to the machinations of the Sask Party on this topic.  The only counter argument I received was for our citizens to go to the American model where we would elect provincial and municipal politicians all on the same day every four years and try and cut the costs to the average taxpayer by doing so.  That is a far more reasonable proposition than Mr. Moe and his inner circle playing ring-around-the-rosie with our electoral calendar.

I look forward in the coming weeks as I knock more doors with PC candidate Ken Grey to having this conversation and many others with the voters of Regina Northeast because I really sense that people are looking for a true change of attitude and style and commitment from their elected officials.

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