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Ken Grey's Commentary

I had the pleasure this past Saturday of joining PC candidate Ken Grey and six other PC members to do some more door knocking in Regina Northeast.  We also had a very energetic crew of young people doing a drop at the same time all across the north end of the Glencairn neighbourhood.  That part of Regina Northeast certainly knew that the PC Party was out and about. 

It's been great to talk to people there, talk about what it means to be fiscally conservative and socially progressive and ask people to choose a third option that would be totally different than the big spending Sask Party and big spending NDP parties.  Saskatchewan is going to have to take a different approach to stem the out migration of talented people to other places because there has been no new jobs created in Saskatchewan in the last two years. 

Every time that I have knocked doors in this riding, voters question me and candidate Ken about what could have been created with the billions of dollars the Sask Party government has squandered on things like the Regina bypass, the GTH and the carbon capture at Boundary Dam.  This is a riding that looks directly across an open area at the Co-op Upgrader.  The people employed there have long-term, sustainable jobs that were brought about by the hard work of the Co-op movement and a PC government. 

More than ever, we need to look at value-adding all of our rich resources so that we do not depend on unstable American politicians in the future.  The people of Regina Northeast, I think, are catching on to all of these facts and see no point in electing another big-spending Sask Party MLA who will duck out on them the minute things turn bad or electing another NDP MLA who is firmly stuck in the past.

Our system of government is only as good as the opposition sitting across from it.  The excesses of the Sask Party are an indictment of the weakness and lack of vision produced by the NDP opposition who has been sitting across from it since 2007.  Ken Grey would be an excellent choice to break the mould of the politicians that we've had in place over the last decade. 

I hope everyone in Regina Northeast gets out and votes.  A low voter turnout only encourages the current crop of politicians to keep doing the poor job they currently are performing.  Good luck to Ken Grey and all his hard work on behalf of the PC Party.

A quick solute to the Humboldt Broncos hockey team who this coming week will resume play in the SJHL.  This community has shown us all what it takes to come together, honour their past and move into the future.  No one knows what the record of this team on the scoreboard will look like but they are already winners in the hearts and minds of their home community, this province and across the country just by being where they are today.  On behalf of the PC Party, we wish them well when the puck drops on that opening faceoff. 

My final comment of the day is on the court decision regarding the Trans Mountain Pipeline.  At some point, Canadians must decide if the rule of our parliamentary democracy is the final answer or will it be the unelected judges of our court system.   When the elder Trudeau repatriated our constitution from Great Britain, we were assured that we would have the benefit of both those worlds and that our society would be bettered by having another check and balance so no matter what our station in life is, we would have redress.

The problem with both politics and the judiciary is that if you have deep pockets or willing benefactors, you can influence both.  Political parties are always looking for cash to run their electoral machines and the judicial system is rife with lawyers who will do anything for money and reputation.  It seems if you have enough wherewithal you can drag our judicial process through enumerable hearings, adjournments, appeals and moving to another court at a higher level. 

The duty to consult and come to a covenant of understanding has been part and parcel of our democracy for a long time.  Nations, however, are built on vision and wisdom and the ability to look into the future and decide what is best for the majority of the citizens in that country.  Throughout the 20th century and now into the 21st, Canada has always been judged near the top of nations that people wish to come to because we have not hesitated to build a country based on hard work and dreams and equality in things like health care.  To build those dreams, we must be economically sound and have reasonable checks and balances so that our citizens can succeed. 

In my view, it is time as the Liberal Senator from Alberta Mr. Black said for the Parliament of Canada to get with being nation builders and solve this problem so that we can get our rich resources to market.  It is no time for politicians who are only concerned about their own well-being in the four year election cycle.  It is time for statesmanship as opposed to political brinkmanship and pandering to special interest groups who are not interested in nation building.   


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