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Ken Grey's Commentary

Congratulations to Yens Pedersen on winning the Regina Northeast by election. I don't think it was a surprise to anyone that the NDP would win back a seat that they have held almost continuously since 1985.  In fact, I think from knocking many doors there, that many people voted for the NDP in desperation to get rid of a bad Sask Party government rather than because they favoured what the NDP stands for today in Saskatchewan. Without the carbon tax issue which may or may not be around for the next provincial election, the Sask Party showing would have been really dismal.

Congratulations to PC candidate Ken Grey for achieving the goal of a 3rd place finish. It's unfortunate that the PC Party as yet does not have the manpower resources to get out the vote that was available in Regina Northeast for a PC candidate. Only 39% of eligible voters turned out at the polls. There were many people who appreciated Ken's approach, the message he brought out about being fiscally conservative and socially progressive was what many voters wanted in an MLA. His pledge to not balance the budget on the backs of our children and the sick was a message well received.   

The PC Party could have easily been in the double digits as a portion of the popular vote if we had the electoral machine to get our identified voters. That is the goal this Party must strive for in the future under new leadership. Keep up the good work Ken and I hope your continued success as a politician will mean better government for all of us.

Speaking of better government, I had hoped when the Prime Minister and a good portion of his caucus showed up in Saskatchewan last week that we would have had some concrete news on both the trade agenda and the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The Prime Minister and his Ministers were here to talk about infrastructure and seemed to be ready to dole out some money as long as Saskatchewan played nice on the carbon tax issue.  

I always thought that leadership was about putting your best foot forward and showing people on how to get things done by first showing that you are personally willing to get your hands dirty and tackle the job ahead of everyone else. I still find a Prime Minister who is telling the rest of us how we should do things but not willing to get his hands dirty and lead the parade by finding workable solutions. If there are some Indian Bands in BC that need a consultation so that shovels can go into the ground maybe that's where the Prime Minister needs to be and if not a 100% of the people are pleased with the meetings, then so be it because that is how democracy works.

If we are going to tie the duty-to-consult to getting things done, then that is what we should do day and night until we get it done. It's kind of the way I do seeding and harvest and you put up with the break downs, the third party failures like railroads and Mother Nature, but at the end of the day you get it done.  

Unfortunately, I didn't see that from our Prime Minister last week or from any other Federal leader for that matter.  I'm not sure putting Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump in the same room would get the same results you had with Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan. Mulroney and Reagan each worked themselves up in life by pulling up the boot straps. Unfortunately, Trudeau and Trump have never had to go that route but surely to goodness there are enough trade negotiators in Canada after 30 years of NAFTA and American trade shenanigans that we can put a team together that can bargain with the best the Americans have to offer. 

I just don't get the sense from our Prime Minister that this is what is happening but if somehow we do get a good result, I'll be one of the first Canadians to say congratulations.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and meanwhile, the Prime Minister should tend to his knitting on the domestic front.  

My final comment of the day would be with all of the layoffs that are occurring in northern Saskatchewan with the Cameco shutdown, the layoffs in the potash industry and with the lack of work for small and medium sized contractors because all of the resources are being piled into the Regina bypass, wouldn't this be an ideal time to be building infrastructure for transportation?  I think we could get work done at very reasonable rates because people are desperate to make equipment payments and keep good, highly trained staff from wandering over to Alberta as our former Premier and Finance Minister have done to be gainfully employed.

Northern Saskatchewan has desperately needed good roads both summer and winter in order to get at the rich resources harboured there and to allow the free flow of people and goods in and out of our northern communities. Isolation breeds many social problems and inequalities like the availability of education.  Now is the time to be employing our own skilled contractors and tradesmen to get some of this work done while many of our other resource industries are in the doldrums.  If the Regina bypass is preventing our Sask Party government from having this wider vision then they should definitely be summarily booted from office in the next provincial election.     

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