Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Ken Grey's Commentary

The potash job killing royalty structure is entirely on this government. The restaurant job killing tax is also entirely on this government. My hometown of Colonsay will feel the effects of a government without a plan when oil isn't printing it money.

The Colonsay mine closing is the first step. The government either seriously misread market conditions or ignored them to pay for their deficits. Saskatchewan's potash royalties are now the highest in the world! Apparently one billion dollars in tax increases wasn't enough for this government to "balance the budget" Now 350 families will have to figure out how to balance their own budgets. Its a sorry decline for a province once bursting with pride and optimism.

I had the pleasure this past week to speak to a former bar owner from rural Saskatchewan. The new Saskatchewan for her business has left her in debt and now living in Manitoba. The mess with SLGA combined with the Saskparty neglect of rural Saskatchewan has made life difficult for this entrepreneur. When the government rigs the system against local businesses its hard to compete. This story has played out over and over again in rural Saskatchewan.

There is a better way. Rural Saskatchewan needs a boost. It has so much to offer business in Saskatchewan. We are letting a golden opportunity to create investment and pride in our rural life get away. We just need the drive and initiative to make it happen.