Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Ken Grey's Commentary

Letter to the Editor (as published)
February 21, 2019

Murray Mandryk’s Feb. 9 column suggests Premier Scott Moe is the winner in the carbon tax fight. A victory proclamation for Moe may be a bit premature given we have no idea how the courts will rule on the court challenge. Indeed, there's a lot riding on the decision of the court, and this government hasn't exactly been successful often when it comes to court challenges.

The winner may be the Saskatchewan Party itself, which picked a good issue with which to attack the federal government. There's nothing better for political polls than to attack a federal government - with a Trudeau at the helm no less. We wish the government well in this fight, because the carbon tax is an insidious tax that can do nothing but make life more expensive for the families of Saskatchewan. It would join the list of Sask. Party tax hikes and fee increases to make life here more unaffordable. We in the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan say no to the carbon tax, but we also say no to the expanded PST. We say no to increased fees, and parents and teachers paying more out of pocket for school costs. 

Yes, we say no to all of these which begs the question, win or lose at the courthouse, after the carbon tax decision is made, what’s next? 

Ken Grey, Moose Jaw
Grey is the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan