Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Ken Grey's Commentary

The government is slapping it's own back over its razor thin surplus of 25.8 million dollars. Let's recap how this happens after years of consecutive deficits. They increased sales taxes. They astronomically increased lease rates on crown land. The end result is they are complementing themselves on making life more expensive for you and your family.

We need a fiscally responsible conservative party in the legislature to advocate for working people. The NDP have proven their ineffectiveness at holding the Moe government accountable and so the spending continues.

Over the last few months I've had the opportunity to speak to Saskparty members about the Trudeau carbon tax versus the numerous expanded sales taxes the Moe Government has implemented or maintained. The almost universal response has been to defend this government by saying the sales tax stays in Saskatchewan.

This if course is a complete misnomer for two reasons. First a tax is a tax is a tax. If one kills jobs so does the other. Second many of the projects the sales tax might contribute are being performed by out of province companies. A true conservative government would be working towards lowering taxes in the mould of the late great Ralph Klein rather than deficits and taxes in the mould of Justin Trudeau.

We need a conservative party in the Saskatchewan legislature that will speak for tax and spending fairness. The spend thrifts currently there are not working on behalf of taxpayers.

A liberal is a liberal is a liberal. The federal liberals blocked the testimony from the ethics commissioner yesterday. It certainly is telling they would do this. However let's not forget our liberal spending SaskParty government in Saskatchewan did the very same thing in regards to their own scandal with the GTH and bypass. Just as there should be an inquiry into Trudeau there needs to be the same into the Saskparty scandals!

What makes this worse is the ineffectiveness of the NDP to hold the Saskparty accountable. We need some true conservatives in the Legislature to force transparency upon Moe's government.

The tale of two Saskatchewan hospitals. Both have been promised. In the case of Yorkton it was a number of years ago. In the case of PA just the last budget. Neither has had a shovel turn any sod to start construction.

The governments misuse of tax dollars, and political games with infrastructure money can certainly be targeted as reasons why our healthcare infrastructure continues to crumble. This tired government is out of ideas. It has no plan. The end result is Yorkton sits on locally raised money as they wait and PA is given the not so good promise of a new facility.

There is a better way. Vanity projects aside these hospitals would have been done. Yet this government cuts services and raises taxes in hope's they can squeek out a balanced budget. The government is out of ideas and out of touch.

Standing still for Saskatchewan. The Moe government has no Moe to give. They are tired and out of touch with rural Saskatchewan or they simply don't care.

A conservation field office no longer sells hunting/fishing licenses. That's like the old SNL skit of the cheese shop without any cheese in stock. Now the folks of Assiniboia are forced to drive to Regina, Moose Jaw or Swift Current to obtain their licenses. Just another way this government has abandoned rural Saskatchewan.

Its interesting to watch two governments obsessed with a spending fight over where to spend taxpayers money. It's the dilemma of two liberal governments who want to spend taxpayers money to aid their election planning.

The NDP seem to feel a new swimming pool or two are priority items when there are a multitude of more important infrastructure needs in our province. In the aftermath of a massive layoff in the potash industry, or 70 year old seniors doing a walkathon to raise money for a long term care facility it is obvious why re-election swimming pools might not be a priority.

The potash job killing royalty structure is entirely on this government. The restaurant job killing tax is also entirely on this government. My hometown of Colonsay will feel the effects of a government without a plan when oil isn't printing it money.

The Colonsay mine closing is the first step. The government either seriously misread market conditions or ignored them to pay for their deficits. Saskatchewan's potash royalties are now the highest in the world! Apparently one billion dollars in tax increases wasn't enough for this government to "balance the budget" Now 350 families will have to figure out how to balance their own budgets. Its a sorry decline for a province once bursting with pride and optimism.

I had the pleasure this past week to speak to a former bar owner from rural Saskatchewan. The new Saskatchewan for her business has left her in debt and now living in Manitoba. The mess with SLGA combined with the Saskparty neglect of rural Saskatchewan has made life difficult for this entrepreneur. When the government rigs the system against local businesses its hard to compete. This story has played out over and over again in rural Saskatchewan.

There is a better way. Rural Saskatchewan needs a boost. It has so much to offer business in Saskatchewan. We are letting a golden opportunity to create investment and pride in our rural life get away. We just need the drive and initiative to make it happen.