Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Ken Grey, the leader of Saskatchewan's Conservatives says hes not surprised the government of Saskatchewan will post a massive deficit. The PC leader was reacting to news from the budget speech tabled on June 15 and he thinks the numbers posted by the government are overly optimistic.

Grey said the devastation caused by the closure of our economy will cost the province far more than the $2.4 billion announced today. "People are out of work. Businesses have gone broke and this government is going with its same spending plan announced before the covid lockdown." Grey stated. " Also frustrating is the fact there is no intention to withdraw from the New West Trade Partnership Agreement. That means the Government of Saskatchewan is sending $7.5 billion of borrowed money to Alberta or Manitoba businesses. This simply must stop." Grey said.

"The PC party is the only party calling for the complete withdraw from the NWTPA. The NDP have sat in opposition, watched the NWTPA get signed and haven't raised an eyebrow while thousands of jobs and millions in government contracts were sent out of province." Ken added. "We must elect real conservative MLA's in this election to stand up to this liberal SaskParty"


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