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PC Party President, Grant Schmidt, forecasts the Sask Party will have runaway victories in the three, March 1st by-elections, saying that the NDP will never win those constituencies and there is no point in the PC Party wasting the little money it has to fight the Sask Party’s big money at this time.

Schmidt said, “The PC Party will be an alternative to both big Parties in the future. The PC Party has decided not to run candidates in the upcoming by-elections, deciding instead to focus our efforts and resources on building toward the 2020 General Election. Over the next few weeks and months, voters in Saskatchewan will see a number of policy initiatives from the PC Party, as we move toward electing a new Leader for our Party”.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson said, “The PC Party has been an effective and strong opposition voice in the province. We are determined to continue to be that strong voice. The PC Party lead the fight for an immediate judicial inquiry at the GTH and our Party has challenged the Sask Party government on the true costs of those secret monthly lease payments for P3 hospitals, schools and by-passes. Taxpayers deserve the truth.

In the weeks ahead, the PC Party of Saskatchewan will be formally communicating our plans and vision for Saskatchewan’s future. Watch for our message. Working together, we can make a positive change, without going back to the NDP!”

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Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461 or Grant Schmidt at (306)728-5481