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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on Premier Moe to order Sask Power to immediately release the GTH land appraisal.

 PC Party Leader Rick Swenson had this to say “In light of last week’s report from the Office of Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, we are calling on Premier Moe to do the right thing and instruct Sask Power officials to immediately release the GTH land appraisal”.

 Mr. Swenson went on to say “During the Sask Party Leadership contest, we heard a great deal of talk of “renewal”. If Premier Moe and his government are truly committed to renewal and transparency, they have an opportunity to demonstrate that commitment by coming clean on what happened at the GTH”.

 In closing Mr. Swenson had this to say “For months now, the PC Party has called for an out of province, judicial inquiry into the questionable GTH land transactions. It was encouraging to see other Sask Party Leadership candidates calling for this same judicial inquiry. Until then, releasing the Sask Power appraisal will be a good first step in finding out what really happened at the GTH. Taxpayers deserve the truth”.  

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For more information, call Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461

or the Provincial Office at (306) 693-7572.