Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan candidate for Wood River, Brian Archer, is calling on the provincial Minister of Environment, Herb Cox, to stop delaying and order the scrap tires in Assiniboia to be removed or shredded.

"We know the Ministry of Environment has the authority to see this process through immediately'' said Archer.

Shercom Industries, a tire recycling plant from Saskatoon, has offered their services to help with the removal. "It only makes sense that the Minister calls on Shercom immediately. Shercom has stated they can shred these tires in a few short months as well as employ local Assiniboia residents to help with the clean up" said Archer. He continued to say “there is no reason to continue putting the community at risk when we have a solution in place.”

This week, the Ministry of Environment has ordered fire inspectors to visit the site, and also put pressure on the receiver to come up with a solution. Archer finished by saying "The Ministry of Environment and the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation were both well aware of the tire levels at this site, so isn't there accountability somewhere if the fees had been paid but the tires were never processed?"

Brian Archer is working with the PC Party of Saskatchewan to find out where the tires came from.

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