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Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey is asking why the NDP and the SaskParty think that the crowns belong to the government?
“Our Crown Corporations belong to the people of Saskatchewan, for the benefit of the people of Saskatchewan. Not for the benefit of the governing party.” Ken said. “The NDP who state the crowns cannot be sold and the SaskParty who sell the crowns as though they owned them are both wrong. The people of this province own the crowns and they should decide what is done.”
“Selling off a crown or dismantling it should be brought to Saskatchewan voters in a referendum. This should have been the case with STC and should be required for any Crown Corporation.” Grey continued “It would be vanity for any party to make decisions, keep or sell, without the consent of the true owners and benefactors which are the citizens of Saskatchewan.”
“The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan would bring decisions of sale or closure to the people of Saskatchewan through a referendum style vote.” Grey added. “The people own the crowns and any ownership decisions is for the people to make.”