Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Oct 28, 2019

Time for Change

Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey, is asking Premier Moe to consider electoral reform in Saskatchewan. “We’ve seen the political polarization that occurred with the recent federal elections and we would like to see Saskatchewan lead by example with electoral reform.” Ken said. “We know that First Past the Post doesn’t effectively represent all voters and for that reason we would like to see the current electoral system changed to ensure fairness to all voters.”

Some reasons to consider electoral reform include limiting policy whiplash or government decisions with negative consequences made only for political posturing like reversing previous government’s programs. An updated system would better reflect voter’s values; voters would be able to vote for their desired party without worrying about vote splitting thus eliminating strategic voting pressures.

A new system would also de-polarize politics and create more collaborative policies and laws inclusive of value input by the entire legislative assembly.
“We’ve seen the Liberal Party promise electoral reform and then not deliver simply to suit their own drive for power. Will the Premier take a stand against the liberals broken promise or will he stand in step with the Prime Minister and clutch to an old outdated system?” Grey asked.

“The Progressive Conservative Party will prioritize electoral reform. Its time to represent all the people of Saskatchewan. Its time to elect some PC MLA’s to challenge the status quo and make the system fair for all.” Ken said.


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