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Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey is asking the SaskParty government and Premier Scott Moe when they will finally acknowledge that their tax policies have created a job killing nightmare for many families in Saskatchewan?
“When the SaskParty cut the Film tax credit, hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars left the province” said Ken Grey. “and now we are seeing it again with 350 jobs lost in Colonsay in the potash industry. We have some of the highest royalties in the world on our potash due to Scott Moe’s government deciding to save a few bucks to cover their vanity spending”
“The elimination of the Potash Production Tax Credit was poor timing for an already beleaguered industry and the elimination of the Film Tax Credit has nearly wiped out the industry here in Saskatchewan.” said Ken Grey.
“The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan recognizes that our products, both grown and resourced, are what fuel this province. As a government, we will prioritize Saskatchewan families, businesses and industries by truly finding new markets, funding innovations, reinstating tax credits and managing royalties to match market trends” Grey said.
“This is another example of the SaskParty standing up for the SaskParty. Premier Moe should put more effort into saving jobs than getting a pat on the back from Garth Brooks.” said Ken Grey.


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