Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The leader of Saskatchewan's conservatives is questioning the assertion by the Saskparty that the budget speech included a tax cut. The government introduced a sales tax rebate on new home construction. "A rebate is not a tax cut." said Ken Grey. "It is ridiculous because it was this government that instituted this tax in the first place. I find it misleading to claim a partial tax credit on one of their own taxes is somehow a win for taxpayers. It's a political stunt!" Grey added.

Grey went on to say the government continues to have taxes on other consumer items that prior to 2017 were not taxed except when the NDP was government. Children's clothing, insurance premiums and used cars continue to be taxed. In addition to the sales taxes, Saskatchewan residents face the third highest electrical rates in the country. The Saskparty is following the NDP tradition of using crown revenues as tax revenues. "A PC government would end these additional taxes and stop raiding crowns to cover out of control spending on Saskparty vanity projects" concluded Grey.

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