Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party



The PC Party of Saskatchewan is disappointed that agriculture and rail transportation were not mentioned in yesterday’s federal budget.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson had this to say, “Yesterday, Finance Minister Morneau called his budget one of “equality and growth”, sadly, for grain producers across western Canada, there is neither equality nor growth in this budget”.

Mr. Swenson went on to say “In 2013 producers in Saskatchewan lost billions due to backlogs in the grain transportation system and unfortunately, that exact same situation is unfolding today. The transportation crisis isn’t just impacting agriculture; companies in the oil sector are reporting the same thing for the transportation of oil across North America by rail. 

The transportation crisis did not start last week; it did not start last month. It started in the fall of last year and unfortunately, has been a reoccurring problem for decades. These are the facts, so why has the issue been largely ignored by our Sask Party Government? Our recently departed Sask Party Premier and current Minister of Highways and Transportation, David Marit, were more interested in squabbling with NDP Premier Notley about Alberta license plates on Saskatchewan P3 job sites because of issues in the craft brewing industry, than they were in a looming rail transportation crisis facing Saskatchewan”.

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said “Sask Party Premier Scott Moe needs to step up for producers. He and his government must explain why they haven’t been in Ottawa over the entire winter lobbying all federal politicians to get on with passing legislation which will hold railways to account.

When will our elected people quit being simply cheque cashers and start earning their pay? It’s time to hold the rail industry to account. Saskatchewan grain producers deserve better”.

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