Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Harry and Ken

For release on August 13, 2020


Today, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan along with founding member of Wexit Saskatchewan, Harry Frank, announced several former candidates of Wexit Saskatchewan (now the Buffalo Party) will now run under the PC banner. This merger comes after complaints of top down decisions, candidate removals without reason, and dictatorial style leadership within the Buffalo Party (formerly Wexit Saskatchewan).

“The PC Party is just a natural fit for us.” said Harry Frank, PC Candidate for Regina Pasqua. “We align with the PC Policies and align with the upcoming election platform which addresses Saskatchewan resident’s concerns with needing greater provincial autonomy.” Harry added. “By uniting the right we have a greater chance of being in a position to challenge this liberal leaning SaskParty and pushing for the changes the residents of this province have been needing.” Frank stated.

“We are pleased that we are working together with the former Wexit Saskatchewan candidates. There is common ground and a shared commitment to be more effective than the current NDP opposition to hold the SaskParty to account for the billions lost on vanity spending, the millions of dollars spent out of province, the record debt and deficits despite raising taxes and the plain old arrogance displayed by the current government.” Says Ken Grey, Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan. “We share the same concerns as many residents do in regard to the unfair treatment from Ottawa and the lack of push back from the liberal SaskParty” Ken added. “Together we can achieve so much more for Saskatchewan”.

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