Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


A new school year is about to begin and the Sask Party government is clawing back more money from the school divisions and health regions.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson said “In June, the Government reneged on their agreement to cover the full amount of the salary increase for teachers, and instead will only pay half. Now, money amounting to $2.18 million from the Workers’ Compensation Board surplus that was earmarked for school divisions is going to result in an equivalent decrease from their operating grants. That adds up to $11.8 million dollars taken away from our students, who are the future of this province.”

“In a WCB news release, Don Morgan as Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety was quoted as saying ‘We are pleased to see that there will be a distribution to employers, which will help grow the economy.’ Then as Minster of Education he takes the same money back from the school divisions. It’s a real life example of stealing from Peter to pay Paul.”

Swenson continued, “Mr. Wall’s government is not stopping at education either. He is also taking the surplus money that was to go to health regions. After mismanaging the good years he is once again trying to take money from employers and taxpayers in areas where it is needed most.”

“The PC Party is demanding that money from the WCB surplus allocated for Education and Health Care stay in these areas and not be spent on pet projects like the South Regina bypass or the GTH. ”

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