Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


“Ministers Boyd, Heppner and McMorris may be gone, but taxpayers are still on the hook for more than $2 billion because of their poor decision making on the GTH and the South Regina Bypass. When you add in other cabinet mistakes Mr. Wall had no choice but to go looking for new faces. Hopefully the new Minister for the GTH, Mr. Harrison, will release information the public has been asking for, like who was the special advisor in negotiating with third parties on behalf of Bill Boyd.” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“The PC Party of Saskatchewan would like to congratulate the new ministers on their appointments to the cabinet and hope they will be more in touch with the taxpayers and the users of government services in Saskatchewan. Many of the former ministers they are replacing obviously were dropping the ball in portfolios such as Social Services, the Environment, highways and educating our youth.”

Mr. Swenson said “I hope the new Health Minister, Mr. Reiter will have a better understanding of the phrase ‘transformational change’ than his predecessor did. The PC Party campaigned on and has been recommending the elimination of the health regions over the next four years. We urge Minister Reiter to do so and not waste taxpayer’s money on Mr. Duncan’s politically appointed advisory panel.”

Continuing to talk about transformational change, Mr. Swenson said, “Premier Wall is calling this a smaller cabinet since he reduced the size of the cabinet by one. Mr. Wall claims this ‘transformational change’ will save taxpayers $450,000. If that’s how much money each minister is costing taxpayers, maybe Mr. Wall should have transformed a few more out of cabinet.”

“This cabinet shuffle raises some questions about the performance of past cabinet ministers. Questions such as how badly do you have to perform to lose your cabinet posting? Christine Tell is still in the cabinet despite numerous blunders and the inability to handle her portfolios in question period and out. Is she still there because of the family and political connections to the Regina Bypass?”

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