Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Health Minister Dustin Duncan’s announcement of a three person panel to review the current Regional Health Authority structure will not lead to any transformational change. That is opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“This panel is an example of government micromanagement by the Premier’s office highlighted by the appointment of the former chair of the Premier’s own health region to the panel. In fact, two thirds of the panel members are Sask Party appointees to Health Regions and the third has been appointed by the Sask Party government in other areas of health care. I think it will be very difficult for this panel to stray very far from whatever direction the government wants to go.” said Swenson. “Why not put some people from the front line on this panel? They are the ones who know what changes are needed and what health care was like before the NDP imposed the health regions.”

“I am sure the Premier could have told Mr. Duncan to find some independent advisors to serve on this panel, but then he would risk hearing recommendations for real transformational change. The NDP created these bloated bureaucracies 20 years ago, and the Sask Party has had 8 years to make changes but doesn’t want to shake up the status quo.”

“During the 2016 campaign, the PC Party recommended eliminating the health regions. That’s real transformational change. With the stroke of a pen Brad Wall can bring accountability for health spending back to the legislature. We wouldn’t need to waste taxpayer’s money on a panel to tell us what we already know. The PC Party won’t accept anything less than the elimination of the health regions.” concluded Swenson.

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