Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey was the first to ask why there are millions of dollars of contracts going to out-of-province companies when we have 6000 trades people out of work here.

“It seems that the only way to get a decent paying job in this province is to move out of it” said Ken Grey. “The government has sent millions in contracts for trades work, IT services and supplies out of province when those resources are readily available here.” Grey added. “When we have out of province companies marking power and gas lines and when the government starts tendering out internet and cellular services while we own SaskPower and Sasktel, then we have a problem.”

“We have entire construction projects in this province without one single Saskatchewan employee in their crews.The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan recognizes that our products, both grown and resourced in Saskatchewan, are what fuel this province. We will prioritize Saskatchewan families; Saskatchewan businesses and Saskatchewan industries and we will challenge the SaskParty to do the same” Grey said, “The Legislature needs PC MLA’s to call out the SaskParty on poor policy and poor fiscal management”.

“The current opposition has developed a knee-jerk reaction to media and press releases from other parties. They are bereft of originality and effective policy. We need a real opposition to challenge this government. The NDP opposition are only concerned with union jobs. While we value union workers as well, not all workers belong to unions. We need a voice for them too. How is it that the  Saskparty government under the NDP’s watch signed a deal that sent millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs out-of-province.” Grey asked. 

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