Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


"The people of Saskatchewan were really hoping with the selection by the Sask Party of a new Premier that we all would have a different way of governing, a new vision of how Saskatchewan would move forward and a different approach to how our hard earned dollars are being spent", said PC Leader Rick Swenson.

"The theme of the budget this year was "On Track".   It should have been the "Derailment Continues". Saskatchewan will add $2.3 billion to its provincial debt this year. That extra money does not go toward a new vision or increased employment, opportunities or the ability of Saskatchewan to handle the mounting pressures around us from things like trade and inability to market our products", Swenson continues.  

The Sask Party continues to spend a third of the provincial highway budget on 50 kilometres of road around Regina. They continue to nickel and dime us on the everyday necessities of life through the Crown Corporations and continue to add PST to everyday items in our everyday lives as we struggle to maintain our families and our homes. The PC Party of Saskatchewan pointed out the train wreck that was happening in our finances before the 2016 election with the jump in the budget deficit to $1.3 billion.

Swenson concluded, "We had hoped with the departure of people like Bill Boyd, Kevin Doherty and Brad Wall that the new Sask Party Premier would choose a different path and a different vision. Borrowing more money to pay for bad decisions by his predecessors is not a new vision. Reversing more of the cuts made in last year's budget is not a new vision and ignoring the fact that Saskatchewan needs new entrepreneurial activities like developing alternate energy sources and using our vast amounts of waste heat to grow our employment base and our tax base is not a new vision. The only vision Premier Moe and the Sask Party have concentrated on is trying to keep their rural base together and win one more election. That is all this budget is "On Track" for."

The PC Party continues to review the impact of this budget. The “devil is in the details”, as more details are uncovered, we will be commenting further in the days and weeks ahead.


 For more information, Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461 or Provincial Office at (306) 693-7572.