Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


May 8, 2020

Province’s Northern Response To COVID 19

Made In Regina

Saskatchewan's Conservative leader is asking the provincial government to confirm or deny reports it is currently deploying provincial civil servants to northern Saskatchewan check points to hand out COVID 19 leaflets. The PC leader has learned the government is recruiting civil servants as far away as Regina to work at northern check points established at its arbitrary lines to hand out information to local residents about the novel coronavirus.

"The money costs of this project aside I would think there’s enough northern residents in need of work that a well-paid civil servant from Regina or Saskatoon need not be sent." Grey said.

Instead of contracting these services, which would require a tender through the New West Trade Partnership Agreement, the Moe government is instead moving public servants from the south to assist in the north.

Grey went on to say this tone-deaf policy proves the government has a Made in Regina approach to dealing with Northern Saskatchewan. The lack of consultation with northern municipal governments, businesses and band councils has been obvious.