Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The debate Wednesday night between 2 of the 5 political Party Leaders does not and will not serve the interests of democracy or even provide good theatre. The debate between Mr. Wall and Mr. Broten is old news. Mr. Broten has not held the Sask Party accountable until now so why would Wednesday night be any different?

PC Leader Rick Swenson will be answering the questions posed by panelists and the public via social media as the evening unfolds.

Swenson adds, “I’m sure the Sask Party and NDP did not want the PC Party present because of what we know and what kind of accountability we would demand of our elected leaders. Voters and taxpayers are tired of the “Old Boys Club” style of politics. If you don’t believe it, just look south of the 49th parallel.”

Swenson concludes, “I look forward to promoting a third choice for taxpayers and democracy!”

Mr. Swenson’s Twitter handle is @rickjswenson.

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