Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The PC Party of Saskatchewan believes there are made-in Saskatchewan policies which can help in many ways. Communities around the province continue to struggle with the cost of facility operation. Their electrical, natural gas and insurance costs continue to escalate out of control.

The PC Party is encouraging the Sask Party government to look at our proposal which is based on common sense, sound economics and which maintains an environment for children and adults to have an encouraging attitude toward fitness and culture.

"It has been apparent to me and the PC Party team of candidates that there are many communities struggling yearly with the costs of keeping their local pools rinks and complexes viable. If we were to refund up to $20,000.00 per community that has met the criteria of the program”, said Leader Rick Swenson.

The PC Party is proposing that a Community Rewards Dividend go to communities with active recreational facilities like ice rinks, community pools and attached recreational structures.

The PC Party believes this program should not be limited by community size but judged on community need and volunteer fundraising. No community should expect a free ride.

The money for this program should come out of CIC (Crown Investment Corporation) before any dividends are paid from the Crowns to the government General Revenue Fund.

Swenson concludes, "We believe this program is needed in every community taking some of the profit we charge ourselves and giving it back to society at the grassroots level."

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