Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The PC Party of Saskatchewan has determined some of their critic responsibilities during a caucus meeting held this past weekend in Moose Jaw.

Brian Archer will serve as critic to the Ministry of the Environment and Resource Management. Glenn Pohl will be the Highways and Transportation critic. John Goohsen has taken on the duties of Agriculture while Raymond Carrick will be our Health critic. Jeff Wortman will act as critic for low incoming housing and children with special needs.

Paul Carroll has taken on two portfolios - the Economy and SaskPower. Diana Lowe will be the Education critic. Desmond Bilsky will watch over P3 projects. PC Party Leader Rick Swenson will add intergovernmental affairs to his portfolio which also includes the Global Transportation Hub and the Regina Bypass.

Mr. Swenson said, “I am pleased to announce that many of our candidates have stepped up to take on these added responsibilities. There will be other critic responsibilities assigned in the weeks and months to come. When the budget is released in June, the PC critics will be watching very closely on behalf of the taxpayers of Saskatchewan.”

Swenson continued, “In addition to getting value for each tax dollar spent, we need to ensure that every additional dollar added to our deficit will provide benefit for the taxpayers since they are the ones who will have to carry this burden for years.”

“We will also be watching closely to see which PC platform promises are implemented by the Sask Party government. We offered some very valid policies such as the orphan well program, eliminating the health regions and growing food with waste heat. I hope Mr. Wall will put aside partisan politics and do the right thing for the taxpayers of Saskatchewan,” concluded Swenson.

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