Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


In light of new evidence coming forward the PC Party of Saskatchewan is renewing its call for a judicial inquiry into the land deal which saw the Global Transportation Hub spend $103,000 per acre for land west of Regina. It is also imperative that a forensic audit of the more than $21 million of taxpayer’s money that was spent on this land deal take place.

After receiving complaints about the Regina Bypass from concerned taxpayers, the PC Party several years ago began tracking down the apparent waste and land speculation that was occurring at the GTH. The PC Party turned over the evidence it had garnered to the CBC in 2015, as the CBC has far more resources to adequately investigate the allegations. The public is well aware that the CBC has been sued by Mr. Boyd and has been stonewalled by the Sask Party government and the GTH management on the questions they have been asking about this land deal.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson stated, “For a government that has been calling itself the most open and accountable government in Saskatchewan’s history, this has been totally unacceptable behaviour, and breaks all the promises Mr. Wall made in the last election campaign."

The PC Party supports the complaints made by other groups to the RCMP who are now investigating the GTH land speculation and believes the recent CBC revelations point to other areas like phone calls that the RCMP should be investigating.

For justice to be done it must be seen to be done. The evidence shows Premier Wall and the entire Sask Party cabinet were in on the GTH decisions. The Minister of Justice is in a conflict position in leading a department responsible for advising the RCMP on possible criminal charges.

Therefore the PC Party is calling on Premier Wall to refer the GTH case to Alberta Justice as has been past procedure in cases of potential conflict of interest by members of a Saskatchewan government. The Premier’s responses to date on this issue are inadequate and unbelievable given the mounting evidence. Justice must be served.

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