Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Saskatchewan’s privacy commissioner has recommended in a ruling that the Sask Party government release emails related to the Global Transportation Hub land deals. The PC Party of Saskatchewan is demanding the government release the emails in question immediately.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson stated, “If the government has done nothing wrong, as they claim, there is no reason to stop the release of these emails. The only reason not to release them is that they are hiding something from the public.”

Swenson continued, “The provincial auditor has already stated that they have been irresponsible with taxpayer’s money when purchasing the land, so holding the emails to hide government incompetence can’t be the reason.”

“The PC Party was the first to ask questions about this deal. From the beginning we have been asking the government to release all documents relating to this deal to explain why they wasted taxpayers’ money. The fact that taxpayers and members of the media are still filing requests with the commissioner for this information shows the importance of releasing these emails.”

Swenson concluded, “For a government that promised to be open and transparent, choosing to suppress the emails should not even be a consideration. If the government and the GTH have nothing to hide, why are they trying to keep these emails hidden?”

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