Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on both the Federal Government and the Government of Manitoba to reverse the layoffs and keep the Port of Churchill open.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson stated “The Port of Churchill is important for all of Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau must work with the Manitoba government to keep this port open. If the rail line is not capable of supporting current hopper car weights, government needs to work with the current carrier to solve the problems to keep the tracks open.”

Swenson added, “Saskatchewan is on the verge of what may be a record crop. We need to have all shipping options available to our farmers. With Saskatchewan’s economy in a serious downturn we can’t afford another year where the bins are bursting and producers can’t sell their grain because there are inadequate transportation options.”

Swenson continued, “Also, if the European Trade agreement goes forward, the Port of Churchill is the closest option for western Canadian producers to ship their products to Europe and receive European products in return.”

The Port of Churchill is also important for our sovereignty in the Arctic. It is a staging area for Canada to develop our Arctic resources and counter the claims of other countries for our northern lands. The Northwest Passage is Canadian. The Port of Churchill helps keep it that way.

“I admire Premier Pallister for refusing to give in to threats from companies with short sighted plans rather than long term solutions. The Port of Churchill is too important to the farmers of Manitoba and Saskatchewan to let it close this year or any other year if it helps expand Canada’s trading relationships.”

“Premier Wall should seriously consider supporting the government of Manitoba to ensure the Port of Churchill stays open. The PC Party has been encouraging the Sask Party government to grow our short line rail network and we see this issue around the Port of Churchill as an extension of that initiative. Saskatchewan products need more transportation options, not less.”

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