Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


“The owners of Saskatchewan farmland have spoken, and their voice needs to be respected by government.” That is the opinion of PC Party leader Rick Swenson.

The results of the Farmland Ownership Survey were released today and more than 86% of the responses opposed any foreign ownership and 75% opposed Canadian pension funds owning Saskatchewan farmland.

Swenson stated “The PC Party is claiming a victory on this issue. Since the CPPIB purchased 115,000 acres in 2013, the PC Party believed this deal was wrong, both legally and morally. It was the PC Party of Saskatchewan who brought this to the attention of farm families, and with their help, forced the Wall government to put in place a moratorium on further purchases and hold a public consultation.”

Swenson added, “Despite the Ag Minister hiding behind an online survey and being afraid to hold public meetings across Saskatchewan, the landowners of this province have made it very clear how they feel about this issue.”

“I commend the government for releasing the results to the province. I hope now the Wall government will listen to the people. The PC Party demands that the Premier not try to misrepresent the numbers to suit the interests of his political friends.”

Swenson added, “Because of the overwhelming opposition to the CPPIB owning Saskatchewan farmland, they should be forced by the government to divest their holdings over the course of the next three years as the PC Party recommended back in January of this year.”

Swenson concluded “If the Sask Party government doesn’t listen to the opinions of the people who trusted them to look after our great province and our land resource, I am sure the people of Saskatchewan will express their displeasure at the polls come April of 2016.”