Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Today, the PC Party is endorsing a North Regina Bypass route similar to the one put forward by the Why Tower Road Group who have done extensive research and planning for an alternative bypass.

“It is absolutely imperative that we find a more taxpayer-friendly solution to the traffic and safety issues east of Regina” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“The PC Party believes the adoption of a North Bypass route would save one billion dollars. Highway 46 is already there and only needs to be twinned. Much of the property is already in the Provincial Crown or City of Regina name and the soil types and environmental issues are far more user friendly. The existing industrial areas would be better served with the potential to attract more business and Saskatchewan job growth. Finally, Saskatchewan contractors can and should play a larger role in any development of a bypass.”

Swenson added “So, why is the Wall government determined to build the bypass south of Regina? If the south route really is the best route, why won’t they reveal the documents that support their decision?”

“With the number of other highways in the province that are literally falling to pieces, it doesn’t make sense to spend the kind of money the Wall government is spending on this small stretch of highway and making us pay for it over the next thirty years to satisfy a French contractor.”

The PC Party will be running a province-wide TV, radio and social media campaign over the next month encouraging Saskatchewan taxpayers to express their displeasure with the Wall government’s plans for a 2 billion dollar south bypass.

A PC government would renegotiate this deal to something Saskatchewan can afford with a vision to handle future growth.