Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


From day one of this election campaign, the PC Party of Saskatchewan has been abundantly clear on what needs to occur in our health system in order to bring accountability back to the people it serves.

The health budget currently consumes over 40% of the provincial budget and continues to not live up to the expectations of Saskatchewan citizens. Leader Rick Swenson says, "we have seen our health system become top heavy with non-care giving management who answer to politically-appointed boards rather than the duly elected members of the Legislative Assembly. The PC Party is campaigning vigorously on television, radio and in print across this province with its policy of removing the 14 health regions and returning to the command and control system with every health dollar scrutinized in the Legislative Assembly before it is spent by health management."

The Sask Party government and the NDP Opposition have both jumped on that bandwagon in the last few days by announcing policies to cut back on health region management expenditures. They are simply tinkering around the edges of what the real problem is and are simply trying to placate the angry taxpayers their candidates are meeting on the doors. The sad reality is that this approach will only result in more cuts to front-line staff and further curtailment of surgical wait times.

The NDP needs to admit the changes made over 20 years ago by a former NDP administration was more about politics than good health care and get on with joining the PCs in removing these wasteful regions. The Sask Party needs to realize we no longer are in a resource boom which handed them gobs of money year after budget year and allowed them to please everyone while they perpetuated this NDP mistake. Brad Wall's commitment to find $7.5 million in health administration is a total admission of the failure of his government on this file. Swenson concludes, "The Sask Party Leader also needs to adopt this PC policy of fundamental change and do it before April 4th so that Saskatchewan citizens and taxpayers know that the right thing is going to be done over the next four years. PC Opposition MLAs would make this happen."

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