Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The release of Prime Minister Trudeau’s first budget confirms that the Federal Liberals are big spenders. The deficit Canadians will have to pay has grown by $29.4 billion. When you divide that by 36 million Canadians, that’s $817 per capita of new debt this year alone.

It appears Saskatchewan’s Premier is now a big spending Liberal as well. Saskatchewan’s deficit this year is $1.127 billion divided by 1,142,000 Saskatchewanians which equates to $986 per capita. Neither Mr. Trudeau nor Mr. Wall has created any long term employment with this new debt.

“The PC Party finds the Premier’s projections on his government’s debt and deficit to be misleading and irresponsible. The government’s own financial numbers contained in SaskBuilds documents confirms that the government will not balance the budget over the next term of office. This questionable decision by Brad Wall’s government of raising the province’s debt should have been part of the Leader’s Debate,” said Swenson. “The Premier claims he will be balancing the budget in two years. I beg to differ and can prove it.”

The PC Party will be presenting more of our findings on our Liberal Premier’s spending habits Monday, March 28 at 10 am on the steps of the Legislature.

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