Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Many of the PC Party budget predictions from the 2016 election campaign unfortunately came true yesterday. The long-delayed Sask Party budget adds $1.4 billion in debt to the people of this province and gives nothing in return except more wasteful spending on Sask Party megaprojects like the South Regina Bypass.

Saskatchewan now has a structural deficit which will not be erased in the term of this government and we have no new long-term job creation opportunities for all of the money being spent. Newly-elected governments should be prepared to bring forward new vision and a renewed energy to lead this province over the next four years. The Sask Party has settled for the status quo instead of leading by example.

The much touted "transformational" change did not occur in the budget and we simply heard more rhetoric about how everything related to government is on the table. The PC Party's election commitment to wind down the health region structure over the next four years is transformational change and the Sask Party government had the ideal opportunity to begin that process. Health dollars need to be directed to front-line services and the maintenance of health care across this province. The ideal opportunity for the Wall government to implement change was at the beginning of their mandate where because of their fiscal choices in the past, we are staring years of deficits in the face that must be dealt with.

Passing on doses of fiscal pain to seniors, students, new Canadians and the unemployed is the mark of a political coward and Saskatchewan should expect more from a Premier and a government which has just been given a huge mandate to challenge Saskatchewan's problems.

Hoping and praying that the price of oil will go up is not a substitute for good government.

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PC Caucus Members Raymond Carrick, Paul Carroll and Rick Swenson in Legislature on Budget Day.

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