Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Ontario greenhouse operators have just received $350,000 from the Growing Forward II Program to promote greenhouse produced products in the U.S. Food market.

The PC Party’s proposal to use the large amounts of waste heat generated in Saskatchewan from our industrial complexes provides a huge opportunity to enter this market. The large greenhouse facility attached to the Shand Power Station should qualify for the same financial consideration from the Federal Liberal government that greenhouses in Ontario qualify for. “Is developing a new industry for Saskatchewan beyond the thinking of the Sask Party government?” asked PC Leader Rick Swenson. The PC Party policy proposal was intentionally released before the election campaign so that the provincial government could make a request for funding in advance of the Federal budget.

“Ontario has 2,500 acres of greenhouse vegetable production with approximately 200 jobs for every 10 acres of greenhouse space. The market is there and consumers appreciate locally grown food. The PC proposal is sound economically and environmentally and where is there more sunshine than in Saskatchewan? It’s time the Wall government started building an economy employing people for the long term instead of short term mega-projects like the Regina Bypass which leaves only long term debt” said Swenson.

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