Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The P.C. Party is going to discuss a Provincial Police Force with SARM. President, Grant Schmidt, and some candidates will attend the SARM convention as guests to seek input and answer questions.

Grant Schmidt said, “Pcsask.ca has observed a public safety problem in some of our cities and some rural areas. Solving problems of public safety is one important role of government.”

The P.C.’s propose to combine existing government safety officers such as conservation officers, highway traffic officers, sheriff security and prison transfer services into a Provincial Police Force.

In rural areas, the RCMP are too understaffed and busy with major crimes that they have little time for crime prevention.

The P.C.’s would also offer incentives for rural municipalities, towns, and villages to participate in crime prevention such as citizens on patrol.

The statements of First Nations that they are not receiving adequate policing have been heard. Schmidt said, “I will consult with First Nations regarding the Provincial Police. Without agreement with First Nations, the Provincial Police would have no jurisdiction on First Nations.”

Schmidt said, “The Provincial Police would free up RCMP officers to give better services to First Nations.”

The P.C.’s also want to ask SARM delegates about the cost to build a kilometer of grid road. Schmidt said they are working on an incentive based solution for the Hatchet Lake road problem.

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For more information, call Grant Schmidt at (306) 728-0156 .