Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


“Mineral rights holders in Saskatchewan, whose lands are included in the potash restricted drilling areas, are being treated unfairly by the Sask Party Government.” says P.C. Leader Rick Swenson.

“Potash companies have convinced the government that oil and gas development cannot co-exist with potash mining in its various forms for safety reasons. This law, brought in by the NDP government of the late 1990s and perpetuated by the Sask Party, was done with no public consultation and no thought to advances in drilling technology.” added Swenson who is a former minister of Energy and Mines. “Potash companies coming to Saskatchewan to mine our resources know of our respect for freehold mineral rights. They should not be able to hide behind the government to avoid that respect and pay appropriate compensation to rights holders.”

“After meeting with affected rights holders in the Rocanville area, it is very apparent that the current law must be cancelled and a new regime put in place which recognizes mineral rights and protects miners. Potash companies who can afford retirement packages for their CEOs that amount to hundreds of millions of dollars can afford reasonable royalties to rights holders.” said Swenson. “Brad Wall and the Sask Party committed to changing this unfair law while in opposition and have now reneged on that promise.”

Swenson concluded, “P.C. Party MLAs in the Saskatchewan Legislature under my leadership would fight to make this happen and correct the wrong that was created in 1997 with this law. The Saskatchewan Government should be the protector of people’s rights both big and small.”

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