Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Priority Saskatchewan

For release February 6, 2020

Ken Grey, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is asking Premier Moe to explain how he plans to ensure Saskatchewan’s infrastructure and services will handle another 200,000 immigrants. “We are seeing ever increasing wait times, MRI scans going 24 hours a day to keep up with demands, record bankruptcies and high unemployment rates. So how can the Premier justify bringing in another 200,000 people?” Grey asked.

“As near as I can tell our systems and services are at critical mass.” Grey added. “The SaskParty signed the NWTPA and sent jobs by the thousands and contracts worth millions and millions out of province and out of country. So, what will happen to folks that come here to no jobs and no infrastructure?”

“This SaskParty liberal government doesn’t want to admit that the population growth has only happened due to immigration and they want to keep that narrative going. “It’s reckless.” Ken said. “We are facing a crisis in our health care systems, a crisis in our education systems, overcrowding in classrooms and higher and higher cost of living. Moe’s answer – add another 200,000 people to the mix. That should fix it.”

“The SaskParty should focus on growing the economy, giving to Saskatchewan businesses and people first. Priority Saskatchewan. Once our province is stable and systems are ready, we can look to increase our immigration numbers. To do it the other way around is not fair to the people in Saskatchewan already struggling or to new immigrants hoping for a better life.

Ken Grey
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