Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


While Scott Moe stands up for big CFL bailouts many small business will not survive the pandemic shut downs. Ken Grey, Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan had this to say:

" I am a huge Roughrider fan and season ticket holder. I hope that the CFL returns, but not by using taxpayer dollars". Ken said. "This is a very liberal ideal and very typical of the SaskParty needing to spend on vanity projects" Grey says.

"A True Conservative party would not be looking at sports bailout but rather how we can get our local businesses and workers back up and running. That is what will get our economy rolling again. Keep investing Saskatchewan money into Saskatchewan people and stop sending millions and millions to other provinces. Stop giving away our jobs." Grey stated.

"There are definitely more local business and not for profits that provide vital services to Saskatchewan that are more important than a sports team. This will be an easy choice for our Premier, our local businesses or a sports franchise." Ken said.