Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The PC Party of Saskatchewan calls last week’s first Moe budget an illusion of prosperity instead of the promised renewal of a tired SP government. Expectations were high but unfortunately after a week of scrutiny, all we see is a slight of hand.

"To give the government some credit, there were small positives such as funds allocated to provide coverage for HIV drugs and for young children with autism. Financial resources to begin a much-needed rural crime strategy were finally allocated", PC Party Leader Rick Swenson said.

"The illusion is that the province was “on track” to getting their financial house in order but in reality, they are adding $2.3 billion to our debt. The illusion of investing in rural Saskatchewan conflicts with the reality that the dollars this government is spending on servicing our ballooning debt is more than will be spent for transportation of our commodities and the environment. This amount is only slightly less than what is being spent for public safety and agriculture combined.

The illusion that there are no new taxes is refuted with the 6% tax on used vehicles and the de-indexing of personal income taxes. These are two more broken Sask Party promises costing citizens millions in the coming years. The illusion that our deficit was on track conflicts with the reality that even with some creative accounting surrounding both pension liabilities and on-going P3 lease payments, our deficit is close to $60 million higher than was previously projected. The illusion that there was more money being allocated for education, conflicts with the reality that school boards have $24 million less to work with than they did a year ago".

In closing Mr. Swenson said, "The document we saw last week only reinforces the fact that this government isn’t capable of thinking past the Wall legacy projects and 4 year election cycles. For true renewal to take place requires governments to take a long-term approach and not just the illusion of doing so”.

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