Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey, confirmed that he and the PC Party do not endorse any separatist initiatives. “The real conversation needs to be about electoral reform to create a legislature and a parliament that truly provides a system where every vote will count.” Ken said. “We were promised reform by the federal Liberals and by the Saskparty, to date nothing has been done. The conversation hasn’t even begun”.

“Governing parties tend to not push for these changes because this will diminish their absolute control and forces them to be more accountable and more collaborative” Grey added. “Power hungry parties won’t support electoral change to improve fairness even though they grandstand how unfair the current system is.”

“Separation would only bring worsening economic impact, if it were ever to come to pass. We are a land locked province and would face extreme difficulties obtaining access to a port for our products. This is just one example of a multitude of challenges any group promoting separation should address clearly before promoting separation rhetoric. “Ken said. “Premier Moe should be making a stand against separation claims instead of fence sitting.” he added.

“The Premier complains about inequality with equalization and representation nationally, yet it was his party that stated Saskatchewan shouldn’t have to receive equalization supports when they were in opposition. They say that Ottawa takes all our money and gives nothing back, meanwhile back home the Saskparty sends million of our Saskatchewan Taxpayer dollars to support our neighbouring provinces economies. They are begging from one hand and throwing money out with the other” Ken said.

“I understand that some people are very passionate about a separatist movement. Even if they could move ahead, an actual separation would be complicated, decades long, face many court challenges and is simply not in the best interest of the province.” Ken stated. “I’m really interested to hear Premier Moe’s position” Grey said.

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