Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


May 29, 2020

The leader of Saskatchewan’s Conservatives is concerned that the Premier Moe and the SaskParty  have completed their test run of closing rural emergency rooms as an option to save money. “Moe’s SaskParty governs by trial and error and I believe these hospital closures are just another opportunity to gauge the rural response", said PC leader Ken Grey. “The government is presenting a budget speech next month with an already $23 billion dollar debt and a razor thin surplus that in all likelihood has been eaten away by lower than predicted commodity prices”, Grey said. “The government’s closure of the Saskatchewan economy has created a desperate government and they needed to review all possibilities for the next budget. It’s clear rural hospitals can be on the chopping block.”

Grey said economic recovery must start by the government getting out their bad trade deals such as the New West Trade partnership agreement which compels the government, municipalities, government funded agencies, and universities to bid contracts outside of the province. "This was a bad SaskParty deal that sends Saskatchewan contracts out of province." said Ken. "We need to give Saskatchewan companies first bid on Saskatchewan projects."

“When it comes to rural Saskatchewan health, we need to improve response time to emergency services so our rural residents are not put in harm’s way for the sake of saving a buck.” Ken concluded. Grey noted the Premier said the words "temporary closure" numerous times in his press statement. Grey concluded the only thing that should be temporary is Mr. Moe’s tenure as Premier and not the hospitals being downsized in rural areas.

Ryan Meilli plans a protest but should be reminded it was his party that closed 52 rural hospitals. Maybe the NDP doesn’t remember but 52 rural communities do.