Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


“The Brad Wall government is acting like a ‘school yard bully’ in their haste to prevent any sober second thought regarding the Tower Road interchange of the South Regina Bypass", says PC Party Leader Rick Swenson. 

Mr. Swenson added, "Even though the government has not finished acquiring all the land needed for the bypass, they are forcing one particular landowner to be removed from his land because he has been a vocal opponent against the Tower Road interchange.”

“Highway officials hand delivered a letter to Mr. Nestor Mryglod stating that he is to remove any items necessary for his business from the property that the government expropriated for the South Regina Bypass.  Mr. Mryglod has had no say in the expropriation process or in determining fair market value for property being seized for this questionable project. “Swenson went on to say, “They don’t even own all the land needed for the project, but they’re making Nestor get off his land simply because he has been speaking out against the project.”

Swenson finished by saying, “Mr. Mryglod and his committee have been vocal opponents of this project since Day 1 and have pointed out to the public on numerous occasions the flaws and lack of public accountability in what is now a $2 billion expenditure of taxpayers' dollars.  If Mr. Wall's government has nothing to hide regarding the Tower Road decision, they would release the documents justifying the decision instead of trying to bully Mr. Mryglod into silence and force him off of his land.  Instead, they want the owner packing and moving, not talking."

The PC Party of Saskatchewan joins Mr. Mryglod and his committee in demanding the release of all documents around this project and for the Sask Party government to explain why the costs have escalated out of control since the spring budget.