Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


June 4, 2020

The leader of Saskatchewan’s Conservatives, Ken Grey, is calling out Premier Moe and the SaskParty for advertising an office expansion as "job creation" under its infrastructure plan.

The province recently announced a deal with Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) to consolidate offices for a total of 15 million dollars out of the budgeted 7 billion for infrastructure. Ken Grey described this as an NDP style management by claiming this merger as new jobs. "We need one thing to help kick start jobs in our province and that is to get out of the New West Trade Partnership," said Ken. "It makes little sense to commit money for infrastructure if those jobs go to Alberta or Manitoba contractors and workers. It's a bad SaskParty deal"

PC deputy leader Shaun Harris says this plan reminds him of the old and tired NDP ideas. "The NDP spent $50,000 for a report on the forest industry when Weyerhaeuser’s Prince Albert pulp mill was in trouble," Shaun said. "Weyerhaeuser didn’t need government lip service. This type of move wasn't needed then and this is just smoke and mirrors distractions. First rural ER closures, now this. It is getting harder and harder to tell the NDP and the SaskParty apart.” Harris added.

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