Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is calling upon the Provincial government to review how its zoned off Saskatchewan's North. Leader Ken Grey says he has received calls from northern cottage owners, outfitting companies and other business owners recounting how they have been isolated from their property despite being several hours from the outbreak centers. In one case a business owner is almost eight hours from the nearest COVID 19 outbreak area yet is not allowed to go to his property to at least inspect it. Grey said it would be similar to closing the TransCanada highway to Regina because of an outbreak in Calgary. It doesnt make a lot of sense.

"I'm sensitive to the need to self isolate in areas where the infection rate high" said Grey. "However, in a week where fishing and hunting is officially allowed it is ironic the companies that facilitate this business off the provincial park system are not being allowed into their businesses and cabin owners are not being allowed into their property." Ken added. One northern business owner, reported to Ken, that his business is being vandalized according to locals living in the area.

Deputy leader of the PC's Shaun Harris has also received calls from business owners frustrated with being separated from their equipment and noted that each of these people has contacted their Saskatchewan Party or NDP MLAs and have not received a return call. "It is pretty sad when their own elected representatives don't bother to explain the government's position or raise the concerns associated with these broad geographical restrictions with the decision makers in government." Shaun stated.