Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The leader of Saskatchewan's conservatives is questioning why churches are still facing restrictions that are not imposed generally. "Churches and daycares were restricted from day one in their provision of services for children but now we are told social distancing is not important in the school setting because kids are low risk. Why does the Saskparty
have such contradicting messages?" Leader Ken Grey asked.

The PC Party released a back to school plan which would have enabled local schools to enact a social distancing policy and more easily contain any outbreaks. It also gave parents the option of keeping their kids home with upgraded home based learning rather than sending their children into a situation that they feel is unsafe. The SaskParty plan does neither.

"Individual schools and parents should have the say in how schools respond to COVID preparations and not bureaucrats in Regina. Teachers and parents were not consulted in this decision given the widespread concern expressed by both these groups." Said Ken. "If the Saskparty is saying that it is safe for schools to resume then likewise it should allow for Sunday schools and youth group to resume following the Sask Health guidelines."

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