Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The SaskParty – Helping Alberta’s Economy Grow Nov 8, 2019

When a government signs into a trade deal that clearly favours out-of-province businesses and out-of-province workers one needs to question the motives for such a deal. “Since the New West Trade Partnership was signed miilions of dollars for  business and millions of government dollars have left Saskatchewan in droves. We have 6000 unemployed tradespeople in this province. How is this working for Saskatchewan’s economy?” Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey asks.

The Saskparty government under Brad Wall signed the agreement which forces tender to be sent out of province for:

1. Provincial government departments, ministries, agencies, boards, councils, committees, or commissions:
• $10,000 or greater for goods
• $75,000 or greater for services
• $100,000 or greater for construction

2. Provincial Crown corporations, government owned commercial enterprises and other entities that are owned or controlled by a NWPTA provincial government:
• $25,000 or greater for goods
• $100,000 or greater for services
• $100,000 or greater for construction

3. Municipalities, school boards, health regions and publicly funded post-secondary institutions (the MASH sector) as well as corporations or entities owned or controlled by one of the preceding:
• $75,000 or greater for goods
• $75,000 or greater for services
• $200,000 or greater for construction

We’ve seen everything from road construction crews, tree cutting services, power and gas line marking services and general construction sent to businesses and employees outside of Saskatchewan while our own tradespeople and professionals sit idle. “It seems the only way to get a job in Saskatchewan is to leave the province.” Grey said. “The Saskparty, helping Alberta’s economy grow while the NDP flounders for a news story to stay relevant.”

Progressive Conservatives commit to putting Saskatchewan Business, Saskatchewan workers and Saskatchwan families first. "Its time to hold this government to account for its poor tax policy, poor decisions and bad for Saskatchewan agreements." Ken said. "In the next election we need MLAs that will actually challenge this government and not just sit idly by."


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