Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Sept 1, 2020

Saskatchewan PC leader Ken Grey said the massive spending announcements by what he dubbed the “Spend Party” government just proves they have not learned from their failed forays into the domain of the private sector. Last week they gave us a fiscal update that glossed over a few “questionable” economic forecasts and touted a debt smaller than expected because of a “one-off” federal transfer. By the end of the day, the government was announcing it has forty million dollars to sink in a new rare earth industry that should not be a government venture.

“It seems they haven’t learned from millions lost in the failed GTH or the two billion lost in carbon capture,” said Grey. “Now they want to put more taxpayer dollars into another high-risk government project. When will this insanity stop?” Grey recounted from the 2020 budget this government projected to pay seven hundred and eighteen million dollars to service the debt. “Our debt to GDP ratio in Saskatchewan is higher that the NDP/Green government in BC and continues to far surpass the ratio in Alberta. Remember this is the same Saskparty  was highly critical of the debt policies of the Notley NDP in Alberta yet the debt to GDP ratio of NDP Alberta was much better than in Saskatchewan,” said Ken.

“There’s a better way,” said Grey. Let’s get out of the job-killing New West Trade Partnership Agreement. Let’s lower our business taxes and let’s make Saskatchewan more attractive to do business, particularly in rural Saskatchewan. Let’s promote the advantages of Saskatchewan. Let’s position our trades education at the cusp of economic trends. This should be the basis of economic recovery. This corporate welfare endorsed by Premier Moe will cost us and our children in the years to come,” concluded Mr. Grey.

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